ClimatePlace was founded with the goal to facilitate matchmaking between investors and developers of climate-related projects so as to catalyze blended finance investments in emerging economies. The platform provides targeted assistance to local developers who are seeking to raise capital, particularly, a mix of Development Finance Institute and institutional investment. Projects that are supported include renewables, energy efficiency, water/energy nexus, water/wastewater, biomass, sustainable agriculture / aquaculture.

As indicated by the positive conclusions of the COP21 Paris Agreement, 2015, there is a clear need for the international community to catalyze concrete investments in climate change adaptation and mitigation by both the public and private sector (Financial Times, COP21: Public private cooperation, key to climate targets, 13 Dec 2015).

Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) focused on private sector investing for climate-related projects, such as the ADB, EIB, AfDB, KfW are major players in the sector of international development with USD 100 billion invested every year (Forbes, Oct 2014). DFIs act as a catalyst, typically financing a maximum of 25% of a given investment in order to spur private contributions (ADB Equity Stake). However, DFIs are consistently seeking to cofinance the missing 75%.

This is where ClimatePlace steps in! Our platform seeks to highlight pre-due-diligenced, bankable climate-related projects in order to raise a blend of public and private capital required to make such green development projects a reality. External, private investment at the international level for climate-related projects is projected to increase at approximately 20% in the coming decade (Climate Policy Initiative, Global Landscape of Climate Finance, 2015). ClimatePlace is therefore the critical link to guide and direct the growing amounts of private financing to ensure that climate change adaptation and mitigation activities can receive critical support.

To accomplish this task, the ClimatePlace team has multi-faceted experience in supporting the public and private sector in developing and financing climate change-related projects (such as for the Asian Development Bank and the United Nations Development Program). Now, with a proprietary database of top investors in the space of sustainable finance, the ClimatePlace team will match pre-vetted projects with the most relevant investment opportunities. ClimatePlace will thus enable more climate financing and co-financing to make a greater impact on-the-ground towards a low-carbon and climate resilient future.

Dr. Cara Tobin
PEng, CEO and Founder of ClimatePlace

As the leading founder, Cara is passionate about ClimatePlace due to her work experiences in the field where she noticed the intermittency and thus inefficiency of donor support for climate change adaptation and mitigation projects. She is determined to get more successful projects on-the-ground for the long-term by using ClimatePlace to catalyze sustainable, public and private climate financing opportunities.

Since 2000, Cara has worked for some of the top global, environmental engineering companies. For close to a decade, she has been developing climate-related projects for ADB, UNDP, UNEP, EIB, CDB and AfDB. In this role, Cara supported developing countries to secure financing from the Green Climate Fund, the Global Environment Facility and the Adaptation Fund in Asia, the Caribbean and across Africa. Cara is a graduate of Stanford University, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Cara is supported by a team of project finance experts who have worked with some of the most reputable sustainability and impact investment funds. Together, she and her team have the technical and financial skills to highlight profitable projects that will significantly contribute to green development.