ClimatePlace enables investors to find pre-due diligenced co-investment opportunities that support low-carbon, climate resilient growth globally. We have supported entreprenuer’s to get their projects/technologies investment-ready by providing seedcapital via ClimatePlace Association’s Last Mile Development Revolving Fund. Our team has extensive experience in vetting renewable, water/wastewater, biomass, agriculture and energy efficiency investment opportunities.

We aim to blend financing wherever appropriate in order to de-risk opportunities. Search our growing database of vetted climate-related projects and technologies so that you can wisely invest in a socially and environmentally-responsible future. Registering with ClimatePlace will enable you to see detailed project / technology information such as expected rates of return.

All transaction information is stored on a Swiss-based data room with a high focus on confidentiality and data security.


ClimatePlace services for DFIs include:


• Connecting DFIs with private equity, impact, corporate and philanthropic co-investment opportunities

• Providing last mile development capital along with any technical assistance provided by DFIs

• Sourcing low-carbon or climate-resilient projects and technologies aligned with DFI’s preferences

• Performing an initial ESG, technical and financial screening on investment opportunities to ensure their overall credibility (a pre due-diligence)

• Coordinating bilateral and multilateral DFIs to optimize co-investments

Private Investors

ClimatePlace services for Private Investors include:


• Providing access to projects / technologies that have been structured and vetted by ClimatePlace, including access to opportunities that have received last mile development capital from ClimatePlace

• De-risking investments by sourcing public co-financing including debt, mezzanine and equity

• Matching projects  / technologies to your investor preferences

• Sourcing unique blends of co-investment (PE, corporate, impact)

• Generating regular targeted updates on projects / technologies that match criteria

• Providing market intelligence on projects and technologies

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