Sector Location Capacity Stage Use
Biomass Chiang Mai, Thailand 5 years, crop waste conversion to 1,375 tonnes smokeless biochar briquettes, 7,400 tonnes eCO2, 741 tonnes smog precursors and 39 tonnes PM2.5 averted,, Shovel-Ready Commercial
Solar Greater Accra, Ghana 2.16 Under Development Commercial
Solar Western, Kenya 40MW Shovel-Ready Commercial
Energy Storage 10 MW Under Development Industrial
Solar Hanoi,Vietnam 50MW Shovel-Ready Industrial
Solar Estado de Sao Paulo,Brazil 5MW Shovel-Ready Industrial
Hydropower Dhawalagiri, Nepal 40 MW Shovel-Ready Residential
Hydropower Lezhe,Albania 50MW Shovel-Ready Commercial
Sustainable Agriculture Dakar, Senegal 50000 MT Operating Commercial
Hydropower Sulawesi Selatan,Indonesia 2.48 MW Shovel-Ready Commercial